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     Custom Design Process

If you are interested in a new catamaran or trimaran design, what next? A proper Design Process begins with full information about the client's needs ends with a boat that best meets those needs. I need to know the answers to the questions below.

Sail or power?  
Cat, Tri or even Proa?  
Oceangoing or Coastal?  
Duration of trips?  
Vessel length intended?  
Sleeps how many?  
Estimated budget?  
Speed and range desired?  
Any additional requirements?  

Copy and paste this information into an email to me by clicking Email: Kurt Hughes

Lets start talking. A more complete questionnaire can be found by clicking here for power multihulls or here for sailing multihulls.

Other thoughts

A superior and coherent vessel design is more than an armload of features found at a boat show.  More, designing a new boat from old features can be, as the industrial guru W. Edwards Deming noted, designing by looking backwards is like driving with your rear-view mirror. I have many design tools to help keep your project driving forward.

Some more on why have a custom multihull designed instead of just buying one can be found by clicking here.

A list of services can be found here.

Steps in the Design Process

Schematic Design  Schematic design stage is used to gather information on the vessel uses and your design needs. The work usually consists of freehand scaled drawings showing various options. The idea is to brainstorm concepts using broad strokes. Client input comes from many sources, including a questionnaire above.  This stage also includes preliminary hull lines, preliminary weight/trim spreadsheet and power requirements.

Design Development  Design development stage takes the information gotten from Schematics and uses it to create hardline drawings;  basically study plans.  The first job here is to create a 3D model to pull the various views off of. These allow you to understand the space and how it is arranged. This stage also includes final hull lines, updated weight/trim spreadsheet and preliminary materials list. These drawings later can become the foundation for the Construction Drawings.

Construction Drawings The construction drawings infil the Design Development drawings to instruct the builder fully on how the vessel is to be built. This includes laminate work, details, a full set of construction drawings, final weight/trim spreadsheet and final materials list, specifications list and any other spreadsheets. Full size patterns or CNC code can also be provided.


All study plans are now available for email delivery at half the price of paper plans!

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