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a 31' Folding Trimaran Proposal

A 31' folding trimaran in composite.
This 31' trimaran design was commissioned by a group who wanted to see if a better design could be created to compete with the heavily marketed folders.  I felt the design had to significantly improve on the existing products.  It had to be able to fold as easily as the heavily marketed ones, look much better, have a more level ride.  Most importantly it had to be able to improve safety by being wider and having larger amas.

It met all the criterion, but the economics of a saturated market just were not there.  I always like the look of this design.  It would have been roomier inside due to the ergonomic "double shuffle" top sides.

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pspin203.jpg (88889 bytes)31foldtrifore.GIF (66901 bytes)


Length overall: 30'11" (9.44m)
Beam Out: 24'-0" (7.32 m) out
Beam In: 8'-4" (2.54 m) in
Draft: 1'-4"/7'-10" (0.4/2.4 m)
Weight: 2.550 lb (1.157 kg)
Displacement: 3.950 lb (1.792 kg)
Sail Area m 380 sf (35.3 sq m)
j  122 sf (11.33 sq m)
s  670 sf (62.3 sq m)
upwind 502 sf (47.6 sq m)


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