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Designs now Underway

40' Offshore Racing Trimaran

40' high performance offshore racing trimaran in composite.
This offshore racing trimaran design was done for the legendary ocean racer Phil Steggal.  From my own racing trimaran I learned that even on day-races, each crew has a great volume of gear and it gets in the way down below.  The flare on the sides lets the gear get stowed out of the way, and it deflects some of the high speed spray at 25 knots.  It looks like Phil will go with one of those famous designers but I can't see it being an improvement over this design. 

This is the light to moderate weather model.  The higher wind speed model is much wilder with planing amas and lifting foils.

psp2.jpg (62495 bytes)psp3.jpg (39753 bytes)psp4.jpg (60574 bytes)psp5.jpg (75465 bytes)side.jpg (32505 bytes)
Length overall: 39'11" (12.2 m)
Beam: 39'-0" (11.88 m)
Draft: 1'-10"/9'-6" (0.55/2.9 m)
Weight: 3.750 lb (1,700 kg)
Displacement: 5.650 lb (2,563 kg)
Sail Area m 750 sf (69.7 sq m)
j  307 sf (28.5 sq m)
s  1,175 sf (109.1 sq m)
upwind 1,057 sf (98.2 sq m)

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