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Charter Multihulls

42' Day Charter Motorsail Catamaran

A 42' motorsailer daycharter catamaran in developed plywood. 49-passenger "AKIALOA."
Photo courtesy Keith Karasic (808-742-6541)
This 42' motorsailor daycharter catamaran was always one of my favorites.  The flat run of the hulls and the big engines and sails give it remarkable speed no matter what the wind is like. Akialoa was the first catamaran certified for exposed waters by the USCG. This cat was certified with a tradewinds sailplan.  Many areas could use a larger sailplan.  This cat has a pair of 110 hp inboard diesels.

On her delivery to Hawaii from the west coast of the US, Akialoa made a 9 day passage.  The skipper said "It was bad out there.  We were leaping fully off of waves at 25 knots.  This is the only boat that I have been on that can be steered by autohelm at over 20 knots.  It really felt right."

Akialoa also survived hurricane Iniki.  She parted a 72,000 pound strength anchorline and flew over a hundred yards, landing upside down.  She was repaired, painted and sailing again.

42mschsail.GIF (81324 bytes)42mschfore.gif (17530 bytes)42mschtop.GIF (96739 bytes)42mschdtlsec.GIF (32503 bytes)
Length overall: 42'-10" (13.07m)
Length at waterline: 42'-6" (12.95m)
Beam: 27'-11" (8.5m)
Draft: 1'-10"/7'-1"(0.57m/2.16m)
Weight: 10,650 lb (4,831 kg.)
Displacement: 15,800 lb (7,167 kg.)
Sails-m: 521 sqft. (48.4 sqm.)
jib: 215 sqft. (20 sqm.)
total: 736 sqft. (68.4 sqm.)


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