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Charter Multihulls

46' Day Charter Catamaran

A 46' daycharter catamaran in composite construction. The 49-passenger "Trilogy III (T3)."
Photo courtesy Randy Hufford
This 46' catamaran was the first of a long line of 46' daycharter catamarans.  Power is from inboard diesels.  Construction is foam/glass with triaxial roving.
 Paso Doble 2.JPG (74832 bytes)Paso Doble 3.JPG (25076 bytes)Paso Doble - redes.JPG (141098 bytes)Paso Doble a cayo sabinal.JPG (140209 bytes)46chcat2g.gif (399364 bytes) 46chcatt3sail.GIF (85920 bytes)46chcatt3top.GIF (95612 bytes)46chcatt3fore.GIF (16333 bytes)
Length overall: 46'-6" (14.17m)
Length at waterline: 46'-0" (14.0m)
Beam: 28'-0" (8.53m)
Draft: 1'-10"/7'-3" (0.57/2.2m)
Weight: 11,850 lb ("5,375 kg)
Displacement: 16,500 lb ("7,484 kg)
Bridgedeck: 3'-3" (1.04 m)
Sails-m: 620 sqft. (57.6 sqm.)
jib: 225 sqft. (21 sqm.)
total: 742 sqft. (68.9 sqm.)


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