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Available Again

47'/50' Cruising catamaran

47'/50' cruising catamaran in composite.
This 47' catamaran has recently been expanded with an option to 50'.  The flared hulls afford huge amounts of room inside while keeping a relatively skinny waterplane.  The advanced rig and aerodynamic house shape allow superior windward work compared with any others in its class.  Construction is foam/glass.  The newest version has 18" less slope to the front windows, while keeping the sleek look.  

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Length overall: 46'6" (14.7 m)
Beam: 29'-0" (8.84 m)
Draft: 1'-8"/7'-9" (0.5/2.3 m)
Weight: 12.734 lb (5.576 kg)
Displacement: 18.650 lb (8.460 kg)
Sail Area: m  922 sf (85.65 sqm)
j   299 sf (27.8 sqm)
g  609 sf (56.6 sqm)
s  908 sf (84.46 sqm)


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