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Designs now Underway

49' Performance Cruising Catamaran

a 49' cruising catamaran in composite.

This composite cruising catamaran is designed to be light and easily driven. The hulls will be foam/glass and the connectives, carbon fiber.

The parts are designed to be demountable for transport and remote assembly.

The first version is an open day-deck, though down below it has three staterooms for 6 persons.

See also some studies and variations on a proposed house cabin for the next version. It provides a dramatic look and also sunshade. The cabin has a kind of figure/ground thing going on. The bright, white part of the cabin is faired and smooth. The darker part can have any actual shape and minimal finish. Its kind of like the bed liner on my F150; nobody cares that its not gloss finish. This strategy, along with the tilt-up construction, will save building time.

Length overall: 49'-0" (14.94 m)
Beam: 30'-8" (9.34 m)
Draft: 1'-8"/9'-0" (0.5/2.74 m)
Weight: 11.282 lb (5,117 kg)
Displacement: 17.650 lb (8,006 kg)
Sail Area: m  922 sf (85.65 sqm)
j   311 sf (28.9 sqm)
g  619 sf (57.5 sqm)
s  988 sf (91.8 sqm)

All study plans are now available for email delivery at half the price of paper plans!

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