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52' Cruising catamaran

52' cruising catamaran in composite.
This 52' catamaran design felt inspired when I came up with it.  It had a new look; kind of retro, yet technological.  The client, from North Carolina, wanted to produce them in Turkey.  I offered to 3D model the new house and set it on new hulls for a small fee.  The client liked the study, but demanded full study plans be included the same small fee. I produced them for him, at no extra cost.  The flared hulls afford huge amounts of room inside while keeping a relatively skinny waterplane.  The advanced rig and aerodynamic house shape allow superior windward work compared with others in its class. The client next demanded that the full construction plans be given to him at no extra cost or he would set up a website to tell all what a bad designer I am.  Nice.  Construction is foam/glass.  Both high pointing boards or keels are available.  The work is done through study plans.  I like this design.
side16.jpg (31434 bytes)psp16_a.jpg (94931 bytes)52crcatsail.GIF (122903 bytes)52catinta.gif (79120 bytes)
Length overall: 52'-6" (16 m)
Beam: 29'-0" (8.84 m)
Draft: 1'-8"/7'-9" (0.5/2.3 m)
Weight: 15.734 lb (7,137 kg)
Displacement: 25.650 lb (11.435 kg)
Sail Area: m  922 sf (85.65 sqm)
j   311 sf (28.9 sqm)
g  619 sf (57.5 sqm)
s  988 sf (91.8 sqm)


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