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Special Projects

A 23' Power Proa

A 23' power proa glides along with 4 hp.
I designed this power proa from some parts I had lying around.  I made the main hull out of a broken ama to a bigger tri that I got somewhere.  Then I added an ama from one of my 12' trimarans.  It weighs 80 lbs. without the motor, and does up to 13 knots with a 4hp four cycle motor.  Fuel economy is measured in years per gallon.  It is demountable and I used to carry it around on top of my Honda Accord.  It is the prototype of some power proas that I have in mind for the future.


PROA5.JPG (321920 bytes)proa1.jpg (102304 bytes)Proa2.JPG (104313 bytes)

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