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Charter Multihulls

48' Day Charter Catamaran

YELLOW BIRD, a 48' demountable daycharter catamaran in composite. 
YELLOW BIRD, a 48' daycharter catamaran built in composite foam/glass.   Power can be outboards or inboard diesels.

This 49-passenger daycharter catamaran can be built as a demountable vessel.

See a sailors story here.

YBCATchcat3.JPG (24133 bytes)yb48_22g.gif (234473 bytes)yb48_33g.gif (269539 bytes)yb48_44g.gif (365056 bytes)

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Length overall: 48'-3" (14.71m)
Beam: 28'-8" (8.73m)
Draft: 1'-9"/8'-0" (0.55/2.44m)
Weight: 11,860 lb (5,379 kg)
Displacement: 16,500 lb (7,484 kg)
Bridgedeck: 3'-1" (0.94 m)
Sails-m: 608 sqft. (56.5 sqm.)
jib: 264 sqft. (24.5 sqm.)
total: 872 sqft. (81 sqm.)
Power: Yanmar 4LTE series


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