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Power Multihulls

20'/21'Shuttle Power Cat

a 21' Production Powercat- Perfect for Rowing Groups, Sightseeing, or low-wake Commuting.

Seats 4 people plus equipment.
15 hp gives 15 knots loaded.
Virtually no wake at any speed.
many seating arrangements available
robust foam/glass construction- lightweight but rugged

Since the prototype 21' power-cat was first designed some 15 years ago, this concept has become very popular. This style is universal now for a rowing team's chase boat. It was designed as a quick, economical run-about that creates very little wake. The slender, fully displacement hulls disturb the water very little. It is wider than the competition though narrow enough to fit in a container or on a trailer. The extra width helps when it is needed to rescue other boaters.

Construction is foam/glass. It is unsinkable. 6hp per side or a single 12 hp motor will be good for 10 to 14 knots depending on load.

The design is demountable for easy shipping. It is no longer being built, but plans are available.

Length overall: 19'-9" (6.0 m)
Length at waterline: 19'-6" (5.9 m)
Beam: 7'-8" (2.3 m)
Draft: 7" (0.18 m)
Weight: 476 lb (216 kg)
Displacement: 1,060 lb (481 kg)


e-Study plans:  $50
Bid sets:  $500
Full plans:  $500


All study plans are now available for email delivery at half the price of paper plans!

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