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Cruising Multihulls

26' Trailerable Trimaran

A 26' cruising trailerable trimaran in developed plywood.

This 26' cruising trailerable trimaran is designed to be wide, stable and fast. It has a true double berth on port side. Construction is the very rapid CM plywood/epoxy. Of course its not as fast to setup as the F trimarans, but notice that in the marina they stay in the "out position" for months or years. For all money you could save using tube-and-wire connectives, you could buy a new carbon mainsail like on the one below in the first photo.

While the many of the plans as shown below are hand drawn, the actual construction plans have been updated all along. Notice the recent ama design on the original prototype below. Even with the old amas, I used to sail the prototype literally in circles around other trimaran designs on the same course.

Notice the first 3D model is the 26 migrating into 3D CADD. Then the later snapshots are a carbon beam version. The beams are light enough to be lifted off by one person. Setup should be about an hour. Notice it has much bigger amas than the same size folder, farther out there, and with a higher speed shape. It has no seastays.

Length overall: 26'-8" (8.12 m)
Length at waterline: 26'-4" (8.02 m)
Beam: 22'-4" (6.81 m)
Draft: 12"/5'-3" (.31/1.60 m)
Weight: 1.350 lb (614 kg)
Displacement: 2.215 lb (1008 kg)
Sails-Main: 295 sqft (27.4 sqm. )
Blade: 150 sqft (13.94 sm. )
Upwind: 445 sqft (41.34 sqm )
Spinn.: 495 sqft (45.99 sqm )


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