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28' Power Cat -

Power Multihulls

More Pictures - Click Here
28' powercat in developed plywood or composite.

This 28' powercat was designed to be like an all weather pick-up truck on the water. The slender hulls, high bridgedeck and sloping cabin allow it to power through the worst weather. The wide beam reduces wave interference beteen the hulls. This design is very economical to operate and created very little wake. With two motors it will turn 360 degrees in its own length.

The vessel pictured above is a stretched version, about 10% larger than stock. Motors can also be mounted on the hull transoms. A pair of 50 hp outboards will push it to a top speed of 24 knots if weight targets are met.

Plans are available in both plywood/epoxy CM and foam/glass construction.

 28pwrcat_3.gif (193537 bytes)28pwrcat_4.gif (146503 bytes)28pwrcatside.gif (30617 bytes)28PWRcattop.gif (74241 bytes)28PWRcatint.gif (68622 bytes)28PWRcatfore.gif (56773 bytes)28pwrcatdtlsec.gif (62404 bytes)
Length overall: 28'-0" (8.53 m)
Length at waterline: 27'-9" (8.45 m)
Beam: 16'-2" (4.93 m)
Draft: 10" (0.25 m)
Weight: 996 lb (452 kg)
Displacement: 1,974 lb (895 kg)


Study plans:  $100
Email study plans:  $50
Full plans:  $1800

All study plans are now available for email delivery at half the price of paper plans!

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