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Power Multihulls

32' Power Cat

32'/35' powercat cruiser in composite.

The original use requirement called for this design of a 32' powercat cruiser to be a mobile office between the Hawaiian Islands. It had to be economical, but serious enough for inter-island travel in any weather. Then the owner would live aboard until the job was done. It has what has become known as Glacer Bay hulls, though it was designed in the late 90s when those were not so well known. The hulls are semi-planning. The rounded deadrise gives a smoother ride in the rough stuff, and better performance at slower speeds. If I were building a power cat, I think this would be my boat.

It began as a 32' design, but evolved into a 35' with quantium inprovement in the spaces with just three more feet size increase. The high bridgedeck clearance lets it keep driving in bad slop. Construction is foam/glass. Power will be a pair of 3 series Yanmars.

I am assuming the plans price will be around $3,500 if I can get more than one order. The plans are completed through design development.

 32pwrcatfore2.gif (93163 bytes)32pwrcatpsp6.gif (139066 bytes)32pwrcatpsp7.gif (148730 bytes)32pwrcatpsp10.gif (136421 bytes)

35pwrcatside.gif (6641 bytes)35pwrcatclsec.gif (37662 bytes)35pwrcatdtlsec2.gif (60843 bytes)35pwrcattop.gif (93539 bytes)35pwrcatsalon.gif (56360 bytes)35pwrcatint2.gif (83760 bytes)

Length overall: 35'-0" (10.67 m)
Beam: 12'-2" (3.69 m)
Draft: 1'-3" (0.381 m)
Displacement: 4,872 lb (2,210 kg)


Study plans:  $100
Email Study Plans:  $50
Full plans:  Please call

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