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Cruising Multihulls

63' Catamaran

63' bridgedeck cruising catamaran in composite.

This is the legendary Profligate out of the Bay Area. Its the editor of Latitude 38 Magazine's own boat. It probably has more miles on it than any ten cats of the same size. Richard has been taking it everywhere for the past what 15 years? It looks to me like they have more fun than any other ten boats too.

Its a 63' cruising charter catamaran built in composite materials.   Deep boards help her claw to weather above other term charter cats. It is optimized for shorthanded sailing and Richard often does that. The tilt-up house construction speeds up building her. As usual, many interiors are available.


Length overall: 63'-2" (19.26 m)
Beam: 30'-1" (9.17 m)
Draft: 2'-0"/8'-6" (.66/2.56 m)
Weight: 25.560 lb (11.593 kg)
Displacement: 37.568 lb (17.040 kg)
Bridgedeck: 3'-10" (1.17 m)
Sails-m: 951 sqft. (88.35 sqm.)
jib: 310 sqft. (28.8 sqm.)
total: 1,261 sqft. (117.15 sqm.)
Power: Yanmar 4 JH series


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Full plans:  $9000

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