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Special Projects 2

A 120 Charter Cat Project with the late Mr. Poole

Some more  interesting special projects that are not bread and butter cats and tris.  Some could become plans, some never will.

psp3.jpg (48170 bytes) 120' Charter Catamaran
pmc3psp1.jpg (15950 bytes) 30' Skiff
gimble85_24.jpg (136206 bytes) 90' Gimblecraft
trailer4psp3.jpg (84088 bytes) Contractor's Trailer
20x16m 6sails.jpg (31201 bytes) Chris's 20 m Catamaran
tritrail3.jpg (21337 bytes) Folding Trimaran Trailer
paradisosail.jpg (17215 bytes) 90' Aluminum Charter Catamaran
truck3d4.jpg (38665 bytes) Boat Lift

All study plans are now available for email delivery at half the price of paper plans!

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